I love red tape (June 2010)

Since adoption is my new narrative and I really don’t have room in my head for a single other thought I simply must share with you that we are nearly finished with our homestudy. Did you get that? Nearly finished. I have decided that I should develop a new signature since I’m so tired of using my current one.

Everyone says that the hardest part is after the work is over and we enter the “officially waiting” stage. I suppose so. At this point a little waiting doesn’t sound so bad if it means not photocopying tax returns and making phone calls to insurance agents and trying to decide which pictures of us are somewhat decent. (Where are those wedding pics anyway??)

But I’m sure once we are finally in the waiting stage I’ll reach a new level of impatience and anxiety – which is saying a lot for me.

For now I’m just glad to be here, almost done and only a little worse for wear.

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