Joy Comes in the Morning (January 2011)

I feel like I should be full of eloquence in this moment, finally sitting to post an entry about the arrival and adoption of our son. I find I have no words, which is probably okay considering what most of you are looking for is really only the pictures.

One of the things that must be said, however, is that I do not know how people accomplish adoption outside of the church. In our case it would have been impossible. We have been prayed for, supported, housed, fed and loved by so many through this process. Our two weeks in Florida were a perfect example of the Bride of Christ doing what she does best. I was picked up from the airport by parents of dear friends who attend our church. I was prayed over by a pastor and his wife whom I had never met before. We stayed at the home of a friend from college days whom we hadn’t talked to in years. Josh was taken from the airport to the hospital by another dear college friend. And during all of those days we were receiving messages of love and prayer from so many all over the country. Whatever you say about a village, it most certainly takes the Church to adopt a child.

We are home with our sweet Judah, named for the son of Jacob whose journey from slimeball to hero has long been one of our favorite Bible stories, and from whose line the Christ Child came. His middle name is Rayburn, named for his grandpa and great-grandpa, two others of our heroes.

I can only say thank you – thank you for praying for us. Thank you for weeping with us and thank you for rejoicing. Our Jesus answered your prayers.

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