Greetings and a new beginning

Hello dear people,

I’m starting to feel like the Elizabeth Taylor of bloggers…switching hosts every few years as the whim takes me. Terribly sorry about that. But I have a hunch I might actually stick with this one. Unlike some of my wonderful friends I’m rubbish at posting pictures and it feels much more like a burden than a pleasure. I would much rather pontificate as the mood seizes me…for better or worse. WordPress seems like the perfect match. Besides, the apple program I was using decided to bail on me which means I lost some of your wonderful comments. Ergh.

Some of you have asked periodically for the writing I did in the months following the death of our twins. It’s all here – categorized under Ebenezer and Hannah. And if you’re interested in following our progress to Judah’s birth and adoption you can find that too. Thank you for reading!

Speaking of Judah we have decided he needs a sibling. When a couple decides to add one more to their family it generally involves something a bit more fun than paperwork. But c’est la vie – that’s our narrative and we are very grateful for it. It is an honor to be a part of the adoption world.

As God would have it, just a couple nights ago we had the pleasure of meeting new friends who adopted through the same agency we are now with. Watching them cuddle their sweet little baby, only a few months old, who has the same lovely dark skin as our Judah, reminded me that adoption is truly alive and making its mark all over the church.

After our first miserable adoption experience, when we flew home with empty arms and doubting hearts, a friend told me over the phone that once the Lord gave us that first gift of a baby I would be willing and ready to go through pain again and again just to adopt at least one more time. I honestly thought she was crazy. Now I think I know what she meant.

When I hold Judah, flesh and blood and skin and oh-so-beautiful eyes, I am feeling and touching and seeing evidence that God can indeed grow my family anyway He wants to. Judah is proof.

So…here we go. Homestudy #2 is halfway done (Yes, you do have to do another one for another baby – to answer the question we have been asked many times) and we’re praying for a sister or brother for Judah who currently reigns supreme and should probably be de-throned.

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14 Responses to Greetings and a new beginning

  1. Nicky says:

    hooray! Great to hear from you and your exciting news. I have been thinking about a refresher for my blog as well- they just get stale after awhile. I’m just not sure what direction I want to go…..

  2. Sarah says:

    Cannot wait for another addition to the Moon family!!!! And yes, of corse I’ll babysit(;

  3. charity says:

    Yay for new blog adventures. Though your audience may still demand photos from time to time. 🙂

  4. Evangeline says:

    Well I’ve been listening to you pontificate all my life and don’t know where I would be without it. Hmmm. But I also need to see pics of my nephew from time to time. Don’t bother posting you and J unless you get new hairdos or something. We just want to see the little man. 🙂

  5. Susan Lea says:

    Wonderful news, Bryonie! It’s so exciting to know that God already knows who Judah’s sibling is–He just hasn’t shown you yet! Blessings on your continued journey.

    Don’t feel bad about changing blogs; that’s half the fun! Nothing’s written in stone. ( I’m signing in with my new one to tell the story of how we’re turning our attic into Narnia for the GKs.)

  6. mdiber05 says:

    I like the fb link. I use it myself because sometimes I go so long without writing, they need to be told!

  7. Kari says:

    Speaking of the little man on the his throne…give that little Judah a kiss for me! Spending time with all of you was amazing. Sigh!

  8. pleasepassthesaltmoriah says:

    (Oh, Vange, you funny)

    Just ask Drew – Judah will still think he’s king, no matter how many subjects are added in the downline 🙂

  9. bree says:

    So glad to see you back. I was so concerned that you had given up on your blog! Pontificate all you like we love to read about your life. We’ll be praying for your new addition. Exciting!!

  10. Laura Coggins says:

    Hello again! How exciting, a sibling for Judah. We are currently waiting for THAT phone call to say they have found 1 or 2 little ones to come and join us 🙂

  11. Laura Stiles says:

    Glad to hear that you enjoy writing more than posting photos. Don’t get me wrong, photos of your beautiful family always make me smile. However, your writing stays with me longer. It’s a much more substantive and long-lasting connection to you than just viewing photos. One thing I miss in this new format is your current reads which is always very interesting to me. I applaude your courage that you must have in order to write this blog, keep up the good work!

  12. TINA says:

    So excited to hear that you are hoping to add to your family. I know that a new addition will be blessed greatly by having you as parents, and what a blessing to Judah! I have so enjoyed watching KayLynns heart grow and transform as she received her brother and gets to help with him each day. I think that you should also have the fun, so that the paperwork is not as burdensome! Of course, sometimes you have paperwork and financial burdens with a child you conceived…God has His own plan for each child in your home, regardless so how He brings them to you! I love you so much and am always so great full and uplifted when I read your words. you have a way of bringing me before God and I thank you for that! god bless you as you walk this road again!

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