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More Hate For More Love

If you’re a mom like I am maybe you have days like I did today. Yesterday evening I was full of good plans. Today was going to be all about my children. Read to them; play with them; instruct them … Continue reading

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Tickle Monsters and the Narrative of Fun

My dad was brilliant at crafting a narrative for us kids that spelled fun. I’m not sure how he did it, but he managed to tease the silly and the funny and the happy out of a whole lot of … Continue reading

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Reflections on Four Years

We haven’t been out to Hillside for months. The snow and our busy lives kept us away. But standing at the grave it is easy to open the flood gates. Suddenly four years disappears and it all happened yesterday. The … Continue reading

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Judah and Jesus

Today was hard. Not hard in the “I-hate-my-life” sense but hard in the “when-is-it-bedtime?” sense. Josh was out the door before anyone was up this morning and then home for about 30 minutes for a quick dinner before heading off … Continue reading

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Greetings and a new beginning

Hello dear people, I’m starting to feel like the Elizabeth Taylor of bloggers…switching hosts every few years as the whim takes me. Terribly sorry about that. But I have a hunch I might actually stick with this one. Unlike some … Continue reading

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Heroism (May 2012)

I have been thinking a lot lately about courage. Supposedly a better translation of the virtuous woman in Proverbs 31 is the heroic woman. She is said to “laugh at the days to come.” That never made sense to me. … Continue reading

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All about…the journey? (February 2012)

Maybe you have heard this like I have: “I’m all about the journey.” I have had this said to me before and in years gone by I would nod sagely and say, “Yes. All about the journey. It’s not about … Continue reading

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