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Kingdom Work (October 2011)

I was unprepared for how intensely private mothering is. So much of it is just you and your baby, behind closed doors. When I go grocery shopping I love to push Judah around in the cart, taking pleasure in the … Continue reading

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10 Years (August 2011)

That picture was taken last week right after we had finalized Judah’s adoption over the phone with a judge in Florida. If you had been there and blinked you would have missed the entire thing. That’s okay – Josh keeps … Continue reading

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Stories (June 2011)

Here I am again…still loving my little blog and loving all you dear readers and falling in love with my darling. I have to say it still fills me with amazement that the Lord gave us such a beautiful little … Continue reading

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Forward Looking Thoughts (April 2011)

“A child, more than all other gifts that earth can offer to declining man, brings hope with it, and forward looking thoughts.” So says Wordsworth and so echoes my heart these days. The second birthday of our twins has come … Continue reading

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Grace Upon Grace (March 2011)

Thank you, thank you, thank you all you wonderful friends for your love and rejoicing and the comments that you leave here, which I LOVE, by the way. 🙂 Judah has no idea how many dear people are rejoicing over … Continue reading

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Present Tense (May 2009)

Recently I had the first of what I imagine will be many such conversations. We ran into a friend whom we had not seen since our seminary days. He was very kindly interested in all we had been up to … Continue reading

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Delights and Shadows (April 2009)

The title of this blog is “Delights and Shadows.” Our lives have known many, many delights in the last few years and far fewer shadows. I trust – I know – there are more delights to come. For now we’re … Continue reading

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