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Thoughts following George Floyd’s unjust death

I have had friends and family asking me how Josh and I are processing this last week and it’s hard to know what to say. I was driving home from work last Tuesday afternoon when I first heard about George … Continue reading

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20 Years and Counting

20 years ago these girls got on a plane headed for France. Fresh out of high school, ready for anything and sure that we knew what life was all about we stepped off that plane and into a world that … Continue reading

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Raising Identity

When we were at the grocery store the other day someone complimented Judah to me. “He’s so obedient,” she said. Instantly, without thought, I responded, “He is now, but you don’t see him at home…” And there it was. In … Continue reading

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Walking with Sorrow

“But we never knew, we children, because the death of a baby is a melody played softly through its mother’s life like an intimate dirge, and you have to have died a little yourself to hear the music.” (in Nora … Continue reading

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I came across a memoir the other day, one that has reached the bestseller list. It’s the story of a man who had a sex change and is now a woman. When she told her [conservative, Lutheran] mother about her … Continue reading

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To Trust and Love

Do you ever wonder what obedience is? Deep in your heart you’re thinking, “Lord, what the hell do you want from me anyway?” Excuse the language, but really. Sometimes that’s how I feel. You face a situation where you have … Continue reading

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The Wounded Surgeon

I love Evangeline’s hair. I love how different it is from mine. I love the challenge of learning how to care for it and how to make it look beautiful. What product is the best? What style? These things are … Continue reading

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More Hate For More Love

If you’re a mom like I am maybe you have days like I did today. Yesterday evening I was full of good plans. Today was going to be all about my children. Read to them; play with them; instruct them … Continue reading

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Rock of Ages

I find it is easier to obey a Cause rather than a Person. I like to rest in its shade and safety, content in my own virtues. Each Cause gives me a whole new pile of bricks with which to … Continue reading

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Not My Own

We went to Sam’s the other day to shop and get our tires rotated. Of course if you take Judah to Sam’s you must buy him a hotdog. It’s the deal. (I blame his daddy entirely for this.) So there … Continue reading

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